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 The T-Shirt Through History_2036

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The T-Shirt Through History

If you look in your closet, there is a good chance that a little bit of inspection will show that you have at least one T-shirt, possibly more! T-shirts are perhaps best defined as a thin cotton or cotton polyester shirt that is pulled on over the head. There are no buttons, no collar, and though they may have long sleeves, the sleeves on the classic T-shirt will cut off slightly above elbow or higher. They are worn casually and due to their light weight and soft texture are great favorites for wearing around the home. A common piece of clothing worn on a daily bases, from the tiniest of humans to the largest. No thought is ever given to it's history. And the truth is, the T-shirt has been around for ages. No one can pinpoint it to a definite period of time, but similar cotton clothing was discovered in England during the 1880's. The common name for such items was a vest or an under-vest. Used as an undergarment, it was used to protect a man's clothing from perspiration. Today men wear this piece of clothing (T-shirt) as underwear and for the same reason as in the 1800's . American soldiers in World War II, used the English version under-vest because their own garments were heavier and not as comfortable in the hot weather. The lighter weight shirt could be worn on it's own making a person more comfortable, cooler and able to move easier. It's guessed the term "T-shirt" was spoken to describe this garment thanks to it's distinctive shape. Others speculate the name T-shirt came from its name of "training shirt."At the conclusion of the second World War, the use of the T-shirt was no longer warn as under ware. It had made it's debut, so to speak, in the presidential campaign of to the shock of many both of the candidates came out with T-shirts printed to promote their campaign with their slogans of: "Dew it for Dewey" for Thomas E. Dewey and "I Like Ike" for Dwight D. Eisenhower. We see plenty of T-shirt today with slogans and more on them, but it was a shocker at that time. T-shirts had gave the impression of masculinity and ruggedness, and this was further amplified by the film performances of James Dean's "Rebel Without A Cause" who also appeared in a crisp white T-shirt, and Marlon Brando displaying his impressive physique via T-shirt in "The Wild One."T-shirts have become a wardrobe necessity and essential part of their social life. Still for others it remains to be used as underwear. Travelers pick up T-shirts at each port in their travels and show them to friends. Others prefer simpler T-shirts with no logos etc. on them. Regardless of your tastes in T-shirts there is no end to novelty shirts, decorative shirts for the holidays and they are available everywhere and for everyoneeven to the tiniest of people. Men, women, teens, pre-teens, toddlers and babies. Plenty for all and surly you will find one to please your tastes.

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The T-Shirt Through History_2036
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