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How To Buy In The Sales

As Christmas ends (and sometimes even before it has ended) the January and late December sales are upon us. Now I don’t know what you are like but if you are anything like me your wardrobe is full of ‘sale bargains’ These inevitably hang in the wardrobe and rarely leave their hangars – they may have been cut price bargains but they are really not a bargain if they are something that you are never going to wear.

This year make a resolution to only buy things in the sale that you are going to wear. In order to do this there are a few rules which will ensure that if you stick to them you will end up with a wardrobe full of real bargains which will be worth their weight in gold as you will wear them season after season – rather than a wardrobe full of sad looking fashion mistakes!

Rule 1: Always buy items in the correct size. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you have put on loads of weight at Christmas and will be able to go down form a 14 to a 10 in the New Year. Chances are you won’t and you will have just bought something that will stay in your wardrobe year after year gathering dust and moths

Rule 2 – Try everything on before you buy it. Even if an item of clothing is in your size, the cut, the type of material and the style can all club together to make something that looks great on a hangar a disaster on you. There is no better way to see whether something is right for you then trying it on. Even better take a really honest friend with you who will tell you if you bum does look big in the item!

Rule 3 – Don’t buy items of clothing that are stuck in a time warp. Fashion is a funny thing and one year lime green can be great but it is a colour that ages and isn’t in fashion year after year. Don’t think just because it is cheap and fashionable that it will suit you.

Rule 4 – Make sure you buy things that will fit in with your other clothes. Your wardrobe needs to be able to be flexible to be able to suit most occasions. Stick to classics and favourites and you can’t go wrong.

Whatever your style or size you are bound to find something in the sales that suits you.

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How To Buy In The Sales_1938
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